How to find a chat in Telegram — the best ways -


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


Telegram features allow you to communicate in it not only with your friends, but also with complete strangers. This can be done either in thematic chats, or in comments to posts published on various channels. Since such communication can sometimes be very exciting, we have prepared for you several working ways to find a chat in a telegram. It will take only 5-7 minutes, and you will become an expert in this matter.

Telegram chat: what is it?

First, let’s define what a chat in Telegram is and what do we want to find at all? The fact is that there are two types of chats in Telegram: full-fledged and improvised.

Full-fledged chats are created for communication between two or more people. You can exchange voice and text messages, forward files, share geolocation, music, and conduct surveys in them. Such conversations are often supplemented with bots-moderators who monitor the order and protect against advertising and spam.

The second type of chats is communication in the comments. Many channels give their readers the opportunity to comment on the posts published on the channel in order to increase engagement. In terms of functionality, they are not inferior to regular chats, since they work on their basis. The main difference between such chats is that if the record turns out to be interesting – it will be hot in the comments.

Now that we have decided on the terminology, let’s move on to the practical part and talk about ways to search for both types of chats.

We use the built-in search in Telegram

Obviously, the easiest way to search for chats is using the built-in search in Telegram. However, it is absolutely not designed for this. Don’t you believe it? Let’s try to find the best channel with discounts.

  1. Start the Telegram.
  2. In the search box, enter the word “discounts”.
  3. Done.

First, Telegram will scan all your messages that are stored on the device. What for? He will try to find the word “discounts”in the existing correspondence. If it finds it, it will display all the found messages in the form of search results, and above them-several new channels to which you are not subscribed. If there are no such messages in your correspondence, the list of new channels will be slightly larger, but no more than 10 pieces.

You can try to cheat a little and make sure that there are no messages in the search results. To do this, put a “@” or “# ” sign before the desired word. Have you tried it? It’s getting a little better, isn’t it? But it is “a little”.

Important! Internal search works well if you need to find something in an existing correspondence. To put it mildly, it is not suitable for searching for new chats.

The easiest way

We have sorted out the built-in search. Now let’s look at a really effective way. To do this, go to Yandex and enter the phrase “telegram channel catalog” or “telegram chat catalog”in the search bar.

We will get a huge number of results, but for our purposes, the first 3-5 links from the output will be enough. We go to an arbitrary site, choose the topic we are interested in, click on the channels we like, subscribe. Nothing complicated, right?

Choosing a channel, you can focus on various additional information. At the same time, the main indicator of the channel quality is the number of subscribers. The more of them – the better.

Interesting! If you already have your own channel, you can add it to one of these directories for free. Who knows, suddenly, as they say – “it will shoot”? There will be crowds of subscribers, there will be no end of advertisers. However, we will have to deal with spam in the comments. But they are very easy to keep clean and tidy if you connect a moderator bot.

The most advanced method

This is the most cunning way, about the existence of which very few people know. However, using it-you can find really rare or even unique channels. The most attentive of you have already noticed that all the links from the directories are very similar to each other. It is this feature that will help us in the search.

  1. Go to Google (you can try to use Yandex, but the results will vary greatly).

  2. In the search bar, enter the following spell: “ discounts –joinchat”. Please note that quotation marks and a period at the end are not necessary. Only the part of the spell that is highlighted by the increased thickness of the characters.

  3. Press Enter on the keyboard or the search icon.

  4. How many were found? Only 2 results? Not much. But, patience, now we will fix everything.

  5. To do this, scroll down the page. Do you see the phrase “We have hidden some results that are very similar to those already presented above (2).”? Excellent.

  6. Immediately below it there is a link “Show hidden results”. Click on it.

    And here it is-the real magic: 2 links turn into 42 thousand.


If you need to find some information that is already in your correspondence, use the built-in Telegram search. Try to write the whole words, because “discount” and “discount” are different words for Telegram and the search results will be different.

If you know the exact name of the group you can also try to find her through an internal search of the Telegram or to try to find it using Google or Yandex.  

If you don’t really know what you want to find, go to the catalogs of Telegram channels or Telegram chats. Using the rubricators, you will quickly find something to your liking. And, of course, the third way. It is ideal when you need to find something special, but use it wisely.

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