Advertisement in groups with Free tariff -


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.



From 200 $ – advertising post.

For products related to betting, stock exchange, earnings, etc., a multiplier from 2x to 30x is valid

Payment is made the day before, at least 3 days before the mailing list, please check the availability of free dates

Location and number of impressions

The ad appears in the welcome message from the bot, every time a new participant enters the chat. Your ad is seen not only by the new user, but also by all the participants who are currently communicating in the chat. This is repeated throughout the day, which allows you to cover a large number of groups of different topics.

The total number of ad impressions in chats per day is more than 150-170k.

At the moment, there are 16,500 + active chats per day with a total audience of users in them, more than 29 million Active chat is a chat where the bot has processed at least 1 message in the last 24 hours.

The ad lasts for a day. The mailing list starts at 00.00 Moscow time and lasts until 23.50


We do not advertise surfactants and anything related to drugs and porn

Conditions for writing an advertising post: up to 130 characters, including spaces and the name of the advertising product, without photos and gifs

Do not use words that call for action: subscribe, log in, click through, and others


@ChatKeeperBot – reliable and modern service of moderation, statistics and analytics of Telegram groups

@ReklamUZbot –O’zbekiston bo’yicha reklamaga buyurtma berish uchun

To clarify the cost of advertising, send your advertising post to us- @ChatKeeperPromotion (manager Olga)

Minimum features without ads in greetings
✅ 12 triggers
✅ Greeting users
✅ Easy verification of new users
❌ Disabling ads
❌ Checking new users with fixed and mathematical captchas, forms with validation
❌ Additional chat protection from bots
❌ Checking the user's subscription to your channel before joining the chat
❌ Forms for creating surveys and questionnaires inside the chat
❌ Anchors
❌ Experience and ranks to increase the engagement of chat participants
❌ Chat activity log
❌ Filter for regular expressions and allowed words
❌ Advanced chat statistics
❌ Branding the bot
❌ Separate support chat