Job Search and Employee Search Case -


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


In the case of “Job Search/employees”, filters are configured that will protect your chat from detractors and warn against extraneous topics for the comfort of participants. Also, there is a form in the greeting that gives you the opportunity to advertise a job

The case includes customized functionality:

– Greeting

– Built-in greeting questionnaires for finding a job or employee

– Filters of links, Telegram links, Email, RTL characters, Chinese characters, reposts from bots, commands from bots, mate, referral links

– A message to revive the chat from the administrator

– Messages when adding reputation

– In the triggers of the questionnaire for job search and employee search

– In the forms, ready-made questionnaires for employers and job seekers

Minimum features without ads in greetings
✅ 12 triggers
✅ Greeting users
✅ Easy verification of new users
❌ Disabling ads
❌ Checking new users with fixed and mathematical captchas, forms with validation
❌ Additional chat protection from bots
❌ Checking the user's subscription to your channel before joining the chat
❌ Forms for creating surveys and questionnaires inside the chat
❌ Anchors
❌ Experience and ranks to increase the engagement of chat participants
❌ Chat activity log
❌ Filter for regular expressions and allowed words
❌ Advanced chat statistics
❌ Branding the bot
❌ Separate support chat