This page is part of our Privacy Policy and describes the use of cookies on our website.

Most of the websites you visit use cookies to improve the quality of your work, allowing this website to “remember” you during your visit (using a “session cookie”) or for repeated visits (using a persistent cookie). This policy explains how we do it.

Some websites also use cookies to send advertising or marketing messages based, for example, on your location and / or preferences when visiting websites.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data files (usually containing letters and numbers) that websites can leave on your computer or mobile device when visiting a website or page. A cookie helps this or another website to recognize your device the next time you visit it. Web beacons or other similar files can also perform this task. In the text of this policy, we use the term cookie to refer to any files that collect information in this way.

Cookies perform many tasks, for example, facilitate the transition between pages, save your settings, and generally improve your website experience. Cookies make the interaction between you and the website faster and easier. If the website does not use cookies, it will consider you a new visitor each time you go to a new page on the site - for example, when you enter login information and go to another page, the site will not recognize you and will not be able to save your login state.

Some cookies contain personal information - for example, if you click the "remember me" button when you log in, your username will be saved in a cookie. Most cookies do not collect data that identifies you, and instead collects more general information, such as how users arrived at the website and its use or the approximate location of the user.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies allow us to recognize your device or you if you are logged in. We use cookies, which are necessary for your movement on the site or the operation of certain basic functions. We use cookies to improve the functionality of the website, for example, by saving your settings. We also use cookies to improve the performance of our website in order to improve the quality of your work.

To avoid ambiguity: we do not use cookies to collect information that identifies you.

More information on cookies used on our website is available at www.aboutcookies.org.

How to manage cookies?

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can configure your browser to be notified every time you try to send cookies or reject all cookies. You can also delete existing cookies.

If you want to limit or block cookies placed on your device, this can be done using the browser settings according to the instructions in its Help. You can also visit www.aboutcookies.org for instructions on how to do this in various desktop browsers. Instructions on how to do this in the browser of the mobile device should be given in the manual of this device.

Cookie management and more details

For information on deleting cookies from your device, visit: www.aboutcookies.org. Please be aware that if you delete or block our cookies, some areas or functions of our site will not be available to you.

What cookies are used on this site?

The following cookies may be used when visiting our website:

Session cookies - allow our website to monitor your movement between pages so as not to request information you have already provided. They are automatically deleted when you close your web browser.

Session cookies and persistent cookies - These help our website remember your settings for future visits. Thus, they accelerate and improve the work of the offered services and functions. For these cookies to work, they are stored on your device and are not deleted when you close your browser.

Third Party Cookies - These are hosted by other companies (domains) and are used to monitor user behavior in order to allow us to evaluate the performance of our website.

Cookies for Flash, namely the Adobe Flash Player program used to transfer videos or Internet games, can also store information on your device. However, these cookies are not controlled by your web browser, and if you want to restrict or block the acceptance of cookies for Flash, you need to do this on the Adobe website. Remember that limitation

Other websites

Our website may contain links to other sites beyond our control and outside the jurisdiction of this policy. The operators of these sites may collect information about you and use it in accordance with their policies, which may differ from ours.

Changes to our policy

This cookie policy supersedes all previous versions and is current as of November 2017. We reserve the right to change and / or update the policy at any time.

For any questions you may have, we will be happy to answer, write to us at support@chatkeeper.app.