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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


ChatKeeper and Combot are professional tools for managing and moderating chat in Telegram. We have studied our colleagues’ product in detail and prepared an objective comparison of our solutions.

Here we are not considering similar functions of the bots, but focus on the differences between the products. Here is the difference between ChatKeeper and Combot.

The trigger system is more functional

This is the key difference. With Combot there can be only one trigger condition, and with Keeper – the number of triggers that you need to solve your problem.

This gives the most extensive options for configuring triggers in ChatKeeper. A simple example: you can configure the bot actions for events from users whose username starts with the letter “a” and who wrote in the chat no more than 10 days ago.

The functionality of ChatKeeperBot triggers is almost limitless and can handle 99% of tasks in an ordinary chat for communicating on interests, as well as in the professional community.

The basic functionality is broader

Teamwork with ChatKeeper is more convenient: you can not just assign users to manage the bot in a private office, but also selectively grant those or other credentials to each administrator.

A detailed manual for setting up a personal account has been developed, so that every administrator can quickly get used to working with the bot and use its full functionality. The instructions are also indispensable for quick bot setup by a regular user with no Telegram experience.

You can set up rules in the group, as well as customize all messages from the bot (in Combot – only the welcome message).

And another feature of ChatKeeper is the presence of forms. Using flexible settings, you can create different questionnaires and surveys for your subscribers and customers, which is important for marketing and business tasks.


In addition to similar, ChatKeeperBot has 26 more filters: this will help in fine-tuning the tool. You can filter out mentions of bots, Telegram and referral links, albums, animated stickers, contacts, caps, spoilers, messages on behalf of channels, breaking chat nicknames, and much more.

The anti-spam system is better developed

In addition to similar functionality, Kipper is able to block users when they try to add bots to the group, block participants who have repeatedly entered and left the chat room over a period of time, as well as set the time after which a new subscriber can write.


To summarize, we can conclude: the toolkit for the basic functions of the product – moderating and managing a group in Telegram – is broader in ChatKeeperBot.

You can test the full functionality of ChatKeeper for free by promo code “TESTDRIVE_TOP” (works 14 days after activation). The basic functionality of our bot is available free of charge and forever as part of the “Free” tariff. Try it!

Minimum features without ads in greetings
✅ 12 triggers
✅ Greeting users
✅ Easy verification of new users
❌ Disabling ads
❌ Checking new users with fixed and mathematical captchas, forms with validation
❌ Additional chat protection from bots
❌ Checking the user's subscription to your channel before joining the chat
❌ Forms for creating surveys and questionnaires inside the chat
❌ Anchors
❌ Experience and ranks to increase the engagement of chat participants
❌ Chat activity log
❌ Filter for regular expressions and allowed words
❌ Advanced chat statistics
❌ Branding the bot
❌ Separate support chat