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In this article, we’ll look at the differences between ChatKeeper and Rose. The tools are designed for administering groups in Telegram, but the feature sets of the bots are different.

Basic functionality

Rose cannot be personalized: you can’t create your own clone and give it the functionality of a moderator bot. This is not always useful for business tasks or serious projects.

Administrators can be assigned in both bots, but Rose does not have the ability to give them different sets of permissions.

Rose has a feature called “Federations”. This is a union of chat rooms with common commands, bans, administrators and ban lists. Such a federation can be given a name, given control or joined to an existing federation.


It is important to monitor the activity of new users in chat in a timely manner, so ChatKeeperBot implemented a group of settings for moderation of messages from newcomers. Rose has no similar solutions.

Admins often create their own commands in the bot in order to quickly and comfortably moderate comments. But in Rose there is no such function: you can use only standard commands.

Anti-spam and anti-flooding

As mentioned in the previous section, control of newcomers in the chat – ChatKeeper strong side. Rose has no anti-spam solutions for new subscribers.

As for the settings of anti-flooding, ChatKeeper has the following features in contrast to the Rose:

  • setting a minimum time between messages sent by users;
  • setting the number of messages sent per unit of time, which will be considered as flooding;
  • banning a user if he/she sends /// duplicate messages in a row;
  • setting the filter runtime.

Filter system

The ChetKeeperBot and Rose filter systems are very different. There is no point in enumerating all the differences (there would be enough material for another article). We present only quantitative differences: in the Rose filter system has 18 filters, in ChatKeeper – 47.


ChatKeeper triggers take into account all users’ needs and include a professional functionality with conditions and actions triggers. It’s not just auto-replies, it’s a set of automatic actions that make admin work as easy as possible and keep chat under control.

Rose only knows how to track comments by keywords (partial text matches). The bot has no other triggers.

Analytics and statistics

ChatKeeperBot has 3 types of statistics: general, by users and by referrals. With the help of data from the statistics can determine the activity of the audience: for example, on which days of the week and at what time users are more sociable, what topics liven up the chat, which users are involved in the development of the group, the most active, and much more.

In Rose there is no statistics module.


The functionality of Rose is inferior to ChatKeeperBot in a number of important parameters for the administrator. Rose is good for administrating a small community of interest, but that product can’t solve a user’s main business tasks. Technical support in Russian Rose has no.

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❌ Additional chat protection from bots
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❌ Experience and ranks to increase the engagement of chat participants
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❌ Filter for regular expressions and allowed words
❌ Advanced chat statistics
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